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Love On A Life Raft

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On 23rd May 2010 my (now) husband Rob and I held a house warming party at our new home in Cumbria for close friends and family. A themed barbecue with lots of food, drink, music, laughter and games.

It was a beautiful sunny day and it should have been remembered as a fantastic party by all present; but something terrifying happened later that night that changed our lives forever. Due to a miracle, or maybe just sheer luck, we both somehow managed to live through it.

In my new book I document the terrible details of what happened, the subsequent court case and the highs and lows of our physical and mental recovery.  

It is my hope that in sharing my story I can inspire people to uncover and connect with their own inner strength and to use it to overcome whatever difficulties they may face.

Trigger warning

The book contains details of extreme violence and covers issues around anxiety, mental illness, suicide and bereavement. These are all things that have impacted upon my life at various times but as a result of working on myself using the techniques outlined, I now no longer fear them. Some people may find the content upsetting or disturbing and thus may decide my book and this group are not for them at this time.

Sally Plevin

Sally Plevin

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